How purchasing works

Right now there are two ways to purchase with us:

  • Major credit card
  • PayPal

Our online store uses PayPal to process credit card orders*, but you do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase using a credit card. (Please note that PayPal will charge you a €1.00 fee for credit card order processing.)

Please note that we no longer accept PayPal E-checks for digital purchases.

If you're a PayPal user, you'll already probably be familiar with the way PayPal purchases go. The process of buying with a credit card is very similar: we'll add a walkthrough of that shortly.

Meanwhile: here's how it goes.

Choose the item you want and click the "Add to cart" button to put it in your virtual shopping cart. You'll see a little dot with the number of items on it bounce up into the "My Cart" icon in the upper right-hand corner. This will happen every time you add something to your cart.

Also, each time you add something, the store will confirm that that item's been added to your cart.

You can always visit your cart at any time while you're shopping. With items in it, it looks like this.

Once you're finished shopping, click on the CHECKOUT link in the upper right-hand corner of any page, or the "Checkout" box in the confirmation pane after you add an item; or in the "Checkout" box in your cart page.

This will bring you to the first step of your checkout process, in which you give us the email address to which you want your ebooks sent, and your home or business address. Because of European Union law regarding digital sales, we need your address to complete the checkout.

You'll note that this screenshot shows a price with taxes added. This is because an EU country was selected in the dropdown menu when we took the screenshot. When you input your address and it is from any country not in the European Union, you will not be paying taxes on your purchase. Use the dropdown menu to choose your country of residence, and then enter your address.

If you have a gift card or discount code, the pane on the right hand side is where to type it in. The store will check the code and apply whatever discount is associated with it.

Here's where you put in the discount...

And this is what it looks like when it's been accepted.

(If a given discount has expired, you'll see an error message like this. Check to make sure your discount's still valid.)

When that's done: this is what a partially completed checkout looks like.

When you've finished adding your address information and clicked the "Continue" button, the store will then take you to the next step, a pre-PayPal window where you can review your order. (You can also sign up to the Ebooks Direct store newsletter if you like. We send out email about once every one to three months, and list members get discount offers and other interesting perks.)

Click the "Complete order" button to continue.

If everything is as you want it, click the "Complete order" button.

The site will then display the PayPal Express window where you can pay for your order.

When that's done, the store confirms that your purchase is complete.

The store then emails you to let you know your order has gone through, and passes your email address to the app that sends out the ebook files (either FetchApp or SendOwl).

That's all there is to it!

*We will be adding a dedicated credit card processor in the near future.