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YA and adult SF / fantasy from authors Diane Duane and Peter Morwood

Product Image New Millennium Edition "Final 5" Bundle

New Millennium Edition "Final 5" Bundle


This bundle of the last five Young Wizards New Millennium Editions is for those readers who've previously purchased the first four books as a bundle and don't want to shell out for the full nine-book box set to get the remaining books at a discounted price.

The price of the "Final Five" bundle reflects the same discount as the box set -- approximately 20% off the cost of buying the books from The Wizard's Dilemma through A Wizard of Mars individually.

These are available in .mobi format (for the Kindle) and .epub format (for most other readers, including the Nooks, iPads, and Sony Readers).

Please note: while previous bundles have included an option for .lit format (Microsoft Reader), we have stopped doing these conversions due to almost nonexistent reader uptake. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

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